Maternity Nurses

What is A Maternity Nurse?
A Maternity Nurse is like a shadow that is always there making sure everything is done in those first few hectic weeks, giving mum and dad the chance to bond and feel comfortable in their new role. They can stay with you for as long as needed, but most families find a 4 to 8 week contract the best.
A Maternity Nurse goes into a family home, in a live-in or live out capacity, after the baby is born and helps mum learn to be a mum. Some parents have never even held a baby before theirs arrives and can be quite nervous. The idea is to help them gain confidence in their own ability.

A Maternity Nurse offers advice on anything from feeding (breast or bottle), to bathing and starting to establish a routine. All families are different, but generally a Maternity Nurse would do all the things associated with baby care: night feeds (or get baby up and re-settled if mum is breast-feeding), bottle preparation, baby laundry and room care, sit with mum when she breast feeds to advise on positioning etc. A Maternity Nurse also tries to include dad as much as possible and any other siblings.

It is preferable for a Maternity nurse to have her own room, but often a Maternity Nurse can sleep in with the new baby. A Maternity Nurse is usually on duty 24/5 or 24/6, with 2-3 hours off some time during each day to rest (this is usually done while baby sleeps).