"Saintly Arrivals were my lifeline when I had my third child and needed the extra support. I found Natalie to be so mature and trustworthy that I had no qualms entrusting her to pick up the kids from school and helping with the evening routine such as feeding, bathing, folding the washing and homework. Being the type of person who doesn't normally ask for help, it was a relief to have someone who needed no prompting when it came to knowing what needed doing in a no fuss, friendly way. The best part is that her interaction with the family has been so seamless - she's been a delight to have around."

Laila, Lane Cove

"After moving to Sydney from interstate I had no friend or family network to call on for help with my little girl who had just turned one. Thank goodness I met Natalie from Saintly arrivals. Their professional, experienced and friendly staff has come to my aid many times and my girl, who is often not great with strangers, has been really comfortable and happy. Thanks again Natalie and Kate!"

Martine, Five Dock

"We called Saintly Arrivals to find our nanny when I was returning to work for the first time. This was a stressful time in itself and finding the right nanny to look after our 2 children was something that we were extremely precious about. Dealing with Saintly Arrivals has been a pleasure and they have always been responsive and given us the confidence that everything would be ok and not to worry. We secured a nanny and to say that she is more than just a nanny to our children would be an understatement. Saintly Arrivals also provided a nanny when ours went on holiday. As working parents it’s great to know that we can always trust the care provided for our children. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of Saintly Arrivals."

Michelle, North Bondi

When we brought our gorgeous second daughter Abby home from hospital we had Maternity Nursing 24x7 for the first week and a Night Nanny for a further 5 weeks. The maternity nursing enabled extra time and support to recover from a cesarean and to settle in to the new routine at home plus ask all those questions about a new baby. It also gave us time with big sister Krista. Having a night nanny gave us the confidence to sleep when baby Abby was asleep and after feeds the night nanny changed Abby’s nappy and resettled her, allowing me to go back to bed and get much needed sleep. Sleep is so precious and you really want to be ale to enjoy your new baby when she is awake. Abby was sleeping through the entire night by 6 weeks. Our Maternity Nurse from Saintly Arrivals was wonderful and I highly recommend their service.

Katherine, Kograh Bay